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French Grand Canyon, Pokestyle by FroslassManiac French Grand Canyon, Pokestyle by FroslassManiac
Sorry for the blurry picture, I will take a new pic. Tomorrow when there is natural light, otherwise this happens :(

It's a drawing of me at the grand Canyon in france, there were some ppl down there. But now we're going to watch it in Pokémon style. Due anonimity I use my own nickname.

"Whoa, look at all the Pidgeys flying around!" FroslassManiac said while looking with wide open eyes at the canyon. The birds were hard to spot but you saw them flying around through the canyon. She also saw a butterfree and a Beautifly crossing eachother. Looking a bit up in the sky she saw a pair of Jumpluff carried by the wind blowing above the canyon. As FroslassManiac took a peek down, she could see a small orange dot resembling a Growlithe playing around it's master. There were also people swimming in the river down there. "I wonder how those people made it down there... They are probably locals who know the way..." FroslassManiac wondered then she saw canoes hidden behind some trees. "Aha, so that's how they got there." She said fond. She wished she could jump off the lookout point right into the water, but that would become a horrible death if she jumped off into the depths.

Going back up the stairs and going across the main road. She saw a small beautifly trying to get up by flapping with three wings. The other one must have been damaged. FroslassManiac decided to help the Pokémon getting up. After that the Pokémon walked away. After that happend FroslassManiac entered a souvenir shop. At first she took a look at all the postcards. Those were mainly pictures of the river down there and local villages. Taking a look around deeper into the shop following her Aunt and her brother's girlfriend, her eye fell on a large display of colourful rocks. She saw alot of them, but looking at the prices of the rocks disappointed her. "I can't afford buying a rock of 10 euros..." She sighed. Looking a bit more downward she spots small Pyrite rocks, and looked at the price. 5.50 euros was written on a sticker underneath the wooden display the rock was attached to. "I wonder if they had a amethyst this size, I can afford that one." As she put down the rock and take another look around the shop. Then back at the little rocks and spotted the rock she wanted.
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September 3, 2010
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